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Remove Tree Hazards in Langley Near Powerlines and Structures

While properly maintained trees provide real value to a property, a tree in poor health or in the wrong location is often considered a liability. When a tree becomes structurally unsound or irreparable, it can pose a threat to property, overhead power lines, people, and pets. The team at Country Tree Service can help determine whether your tree is considered a hazard. In some situations, we may be able to prune the tree to minimize the risk. If you need to remove tree hazards immediately in Langley and surrounding areas, call us.

How Do I Know It’s Dangerous?

Some signs that your tree may be considered dangerous include:

Crowding of other trees

Dead or diseased limbs

Leaning toward a structure or powerline

Check out our tree hazard checklist for more clues on whether your tree is a safety risk.

Don’t Let a Tree Fall on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy


Did you know many insurance plans do not cover damage to your home or your neighbour’s that results from an unmaintained tree? The key word there is “unmaintained,” meaning trees that have not been cared for by a certified arborist.

A dangerous tree removal or pruning should only be carried out by trained and certified arborists, such as those with Country Tree Service. Our team has a BC Hydro-certified arborist on staff that performs tree and branch removals near power lines. We are trained to carry out crane services that will help us smoothly remove the hazardous trees.

We can help determine if your tree is considered “dangerous,” call Country Tree Service today! Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 Emergency Services

Whether it is during calm evenings or after a storm, we’re always here.

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