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Your Tree Pruning Service in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and Surrounding Areas

Next to water, sunshine, and nutrients, pruning is one of the most essential parts of maintaining healthy, beautiful trees. Country Tree Service offers tree pruning services that not only helps improve aesthetics, it’s also necessary for tree branches that have become dead, diseased, or infested by insects. When completed by an experienced arborist, pruning can help strengthen the tree, improve its structure, and ensure it is safe around structures and people.

How We Prune Trees the Right Way…

Similar to surgery in humans, each cut of a tree has the potential to cause harm or alter its growth. That is why we never remove a tree branch without a good reason to do so. We also prune sparingly since removing leaves can affect the tree’s ability to photosynthesize energy from the sun.

After pruning, the new growth occurs on fewer shoots, so they often grow longer than they otherwise would have without pruning. Anyone can cut a tree; knowing how a tree will respond to pruning separates the amateurs from the true arborists.

…and the Safe Way


Often times, pruning trees requires advanced training, experience, as well as specialized equipment. In instances where climbing, saws, or removing limbs is involved, our crew always uses safety equipment, including eyewear, fall prevention supports, hearing, protection, and helmets.

You may have noticed the YouTube video demonstrating our safety procedures and care we use in removing tree limbs on our website. These methods don’t just protect your home or property, but are necessary for the safety of everyone involved.

For a free assessment on your trees’ pruning needs, call Country Tree Service today!

Chop Chop

From avoiding tree hazards to simple beautification, we do it all.

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