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Get Healthy, Beautiful Hedges With Hedge Trimming in Langley and Area

There is actually a lot that goes in to pruning, maintaining, and shearing hedges. If the job is left to someone without proper training, they may accidentally shear a permanent branch, causing irreversible damage. In fact, the most important aspect of trimming a hedge isn’t the trimming, it’s the planning that happens beforehand. The rest is pretty straightforward. For hedge trimming services in Langley, Vancouver, and other Lower Mainland Areas, turn to Country Tree Service.

Whether it’s a dwarf, formal, or informal hedge, Country Tree Service can help you with all your hedge needs, including:

Hedge revitalisation

Hedge designs




…and much more

Planning Your Hedge in British Columbia


Amazingly, British Columbia’s Lower Mainland has six hardiness zones, so it can be difficult to determine the best type of shrub or conifer to form your hedge. While yew and boxwood shrubs are a few popular options, we can help find the right species for your property.

To schedule a hedge trimming or related service, call the team at Country Tree Service today!

Dying Hedges?

We can help revive your hedges and make them look beautiful again.

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